Finlayson House would like to acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land and pay our respects to their elders past, present and emerging. 
We extend our acknowledgement to the Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people who may see this message.

What is Family & Domestic Violence?

Family & Domestic Violence is the intentional and systematic use of violence and abuse to control,
coerce or create fear, which may include:

Emotional/psychological abuse

mind games, manipulation, humiliation, insults, threats, put-downs, and making the person feel worthless or no good.

Sexual assault

forced sexual contact/activity. ‘Forced’ in this context refers to individuals who are physically coerced to participate or who are not in a position to say no as a result of fear, threats or intimidation.

Financial abuse

controlling the money and decisions around its use, taking or limiting money, stealing.

Physical assault

pushing, slapping, punching, choking, kicking, and any other behaviour that is intended to cause harm.

Social isolation

keeping the victim away from friends, family, work and/or other social opportunities.


Spiritual abuse

keeping someone away from places of worship or forcing them to participate in spiritual or religious practice that they do not want to be involved in.

Finlayson House, Goldfields Women's Refuge

Minyma pirni-ku safe ngurra     Ngurra wirungka tjarrparra artunytja nyinanytjaku

Finlayson House was established in 1979 and runs a dual stream service providing crisis accommodation to women, with or without children under 18 years of age, and Domestic Violence Outreach Services.  Finlayson House also provides assistance and safe accommodation to those at risk of homelessness due to family or domestic violence or other forms of crisis. We operate a communal living, fully secure facility, 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Yamatji yarangka watjarra ngangarra pirni-ku, Pirni-lu nyurnku puru karlkurpa kanyi tjalku
Nganarna nyuntunya wangkanyangka kampangkartu kulira kanyintjaku wangka wiyangku


Yara ngaa-nya kurti kutja


Respect the choices people make regardless of personal thoughts and opinions.

Kurnta tjaa wanalu watjalku     Tjakangka


Encourage fairness without discrimination & advocate on behalf of those who are unable to advocate for themselves.

Kanyinma     Tjakangka


Work on healing the body, mind & soul & towards the transformation to a better existence.

Kutju kulira kutju mind-pa     Tjakangka


Engage with those in need, to alleviate their suffering so they no longer stand alone.

Pukurlpa nyinarra     Ngarltunytju


Work together to transform the lives of the individual and/or children.

Lurrtjurringu     Urnturni